Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Nudibranch Blogging

Jewels in joy designed
To ravish the sensuous mind
Lie lightless, all their sparkles bleared and black and blind.

Dim moon-eyed fishes near
Gaze at the gilded gear
And query: "What does this vaingloriousness down here?"

--Thomas Hardy, who probably never laid eyes on Hypselodoris maculosa.


Hecate said...

Be a u ti ful

four legs good said...



(ps, could you set your comments to produce a pop up window?)

Anonymous said...



Phila said...


If I switched to Haloscan, I believe I'd lose the comments I have. If Blogger can do pop-up comments, it's news to me...I'll check into it, though. I agree that they're preferable.

GrrlScientist said...

i like the racing stripes on that little guy.

blogger does have pop-up comments. some people have both haloscan and blogger comments without losing either, but each forms its own comment thread without any carry-over. kinda boring that way, if you ask me.


SAW said...

These are some beautiful pictures. Could you please ask atrios why he banned me from posting comments on his site?


Phila said...

Have Skunk,


Re: Atrios...are you sure you were banned? Sometimes, Haloscan has problems where it'll say "You're blocked from posting, etc." Outside of calling for someone's assassination, or something else that's completely beyond the pale, I don't think it's easy to get banned over there...just look at the stuff our trolls say!

As for me talking to him on your behalf...I admire Atrios's work, and I do think of myself as part of the Eschaton community, but I've never had any personal dealings with him beyond one or two brief exchanges in threads. The fact that I hang around there a lot - along with a few hundred other folks - doesn't oblige Atrios to notice me, let alone to take what I say seriously!

Thus, I wouldn't feel comfortable asking him to explain or justify himself...especially in a case where it may just be a misunderstanding. I hope that makes sense to you.

You could always try e-mailing him directly. Other than that, the best I can do is to go on a thread and ask if anyone knows anything about it.

What makes you think you're banned, anyway?