Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Eye Candy

The photo above comes from Overshadowed, a labyrinthine site with a lot of fine work, the best of which suggests an ultra-urban version of William Eggleston.

Bernhard Edmaier's aerial photographs are stunning. Be sure to browse his gallery featuring aerial views of volcanoes! Unfortunately, the site's not set up for direct links, so go to "What" in the navigation bar, and then click "Pictures." (Links via BLDGBLOG.)

Silentium is a lovely study of cavernous building's like a somewhat more oneiric version of Bernd and Hilla Becher's Typologies of industrial Buildings. The other galleries are worth a look, too.

Meryl Truett photographs the decaying South, with a focus on roadside attractions and cemetaries. Lord knows that's a fairly common area of specialization these days, but she has a good eye and utilizes some interesting alternative processes. She also has a beautiful gallery of found images. (Link via Coudal Partners).

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Anonymous said...

Cool stuff!

Here is another photoblogger I like a lot: Deceptive Media