Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Me Ne Frego

An Italian man who has become an American citizen is celebrating his good fortune by combining two traditional pastimes of his native soil: music, and vendetta. Like all his countrymen, whose animal passions grow so extravagantly under the Mediterranean sun, there's something of the child in him, and something of the savage, too. As Charles Bargone memorably observed in Useless Hands, "the climate, so quick to change a man's skin, takes years to change his blood, and centuries to modify the neurones!"

There are many ways to serve your country, adopted or not; Zanna is pushing Minuteman Project Bands. "We are looking for patriotic musicians and singers to tour America & defend our borders," reads his announcement. "Just to be clear, we are not just seeking musicians who are looking for gigs, but we are seeking American Patriots who love America and wish to support the Minuteman Project and its cause!" And in the process, buy a few copies of Zanna's own CD, Wake Up America.

From his home base in Apple Valley, California, Zanna has issued the call for performers interested in becoming official state Minuteman Project Bands; all they need to do is send Zanna a cassette or music video of three songs from Wake Up America, which "is not suggested for the ears of liberals, communists, American politicians on the payroll of Mexico or other foreign countries, United Nations crooks, antigun freaks, backstabber Frenchies, prochoice Baby Killers, antimilitary hippies, Hollywood left chicken wings and illegal alien invaders."
Caveat venditor!

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