Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday Nudibranch Blogging

This is Ceratosoma gracillimum, who, abandoning herself openly and avowedly to the pursuits of pleasure and power, has brilliantly fulfilled every aspiration which the heart of an ambitious woman without principle can entertain. She never forgets herself - never deals in sentiment nor hypocrisy - and always avows frankly her business and her objects.

Lest it be objected that I am insufficiently prodigal with those laborious terms of opprobrium which polite society deems appropriate to my subject, let me say merely that I write neither to palliate nor condemn, but to describe.


Eli said...

So... you're saying she's a scarlet nudi?

Isabella di Pesto said...

Gorgeous. Lovely to behold.

four legs good said...

The little dots look make her look like a constellation

GrrlScientist said...

I think she looks like a tomato that someone stepped on, but didn't quite crush completely into the pavement. Oh, those white spots? Those are pigeon poop.

Hrm. She's actually pretty, but my description doesn't make her sound like it. I think I must be in a bad mood or something: time to drink profusely!