Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday Nudibranch Blogging

This here's Cerastomata magnifica.

Christ almighty, what a week. Something new tomorrow. I promise!


Anonymous said...

It's lovely. Takes me back to my youth when we wore stuff that looked like that. I've been buried in work, as well, and doing drive-bys only for about three weeks. You have my sympathy.

Hope your project comes to a satisfying conclusion soon!


Robster said...

Sorry you have been feeling bad. Thats a real beautiful one. Thanks for these kittens of the sea.

roger said...

another contact high from sealife. don't come back to current events. you'll break your heart. you betta off overworked.

i know. fat chance.

your fans are patient and understanding.

Anonymous said...

Horns! Feathers! Spots! Stripes! Dayglo colors!

Are you sure these things live on this planet?


Anonymous said...

Emphyrio here.

Just wanted to commend you on the quickness of your wit, re Ganymedian slime mold on Dick Cheney (Eschaton comments). Swift indeed.

Puppet Masters reference, I take it.

Pretty sea critter!

Phila said...


"Puppet Masters," yep! And isn't there one in "Galactic Pot-Healer," too?

Anonymous said...

Phila--i've missed the nudibranches!
that one is exquisite! thank you... :)

--her eyes

Cervantes said...

Hey Phila, are you getting back into circulation? It sounds like you're working on a project of some kind, I hope it's productive and we'll be hearing more from you soon.

Anonymous said...

Positively stunning. Nudibranch are enough for now, Phila! I love them.

Phila said...


I'm trying! I'm not doing anything so grand as a "project"...just finishing up a dreary piece of work-made-for-hire that somehow ballooned to nearly 1400 pages. I'm done except for the nitpicky stuff, but it was a rough couple of months.

I do look forward to getting back up to speed on your blog and others. It's not healthy for me to be wallowing in my own thoughts exclusively. I'm sure that when I finally get around to posting I'll be even more obtuse and emotionally erratic than usual!

Anonymous said...

This stuff make my week, everyweek. Nudibranchs, better than cats...

Anonymous said...

Congrats on bringing the project to a close, Phila. You were missed out here.