Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday Nudibranch Blogging

Hypselodoris infucata in the house, y'all!

As for me, I can't quite decide whether to drink rat poison, or get back to work.

I know...I'll get back to work so that I can afford rat poison! Ha!

Enough of this gay badinage. Have a nice weekend, friends!


jenny from the blog said...

Hey Phila!

Thanks for dropping off this little weekend treat.
I really like this one.

It has a certain... something.

Speechless said...

Reminds me of the picture in my third grade reading book of an incredible sticky and (to the third grade mind) delicious looking birthday cake. ANd those floofly things, couldn't they be sparklers?

Hello Jenny from the blog. I remember you from days gone by. Nice to see you here!

robin andrea said...

Phila-- This one looks like spun sugar candy that we could only buy down the shore. Beautiful and blue.
Hope you have a good and restful weekend too.

existentialist said...

You are funny. Rat poison is sick. Check my blog.

Anonymous said...

i know i could google the info, but since i dropped by i thought i'd just wonder out loud: "are the circular anemone-like things i often see planted in the nudibranch lower back a kind of, um, cloaca?"

just curious

Tlazolteotl said...

Actually...that circular thing looks a bit like a turbine, don't you think?