Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Hope Alinsky Blogging

This week, the Alinskyites redoubled their efforts to force America under the yoke of Alinskyism. The most frightening approach taken by these fanatics is a seeming indifference to Alinsky's thought, or worse yet, a total ignorance of it. Needless to say, the Alinskyistas who favor these Alinskyist tactics are the most dangerous Alinskyites of all. That's why we must educate ourselves, here and now. Forewarned is four-armed!

Alinsky once said that "the enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength." It's probably just a "coincidence" that the DHS is working hand-in-jackboot with the ACLU:

The ACLU just scored a big win for freedom of speech from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). More than 2 years ago we filed a complaint with the DHS Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (OCRCL) concerning an effort to collect and distribute information about lawful demonstrations. Earlier this month, we received a letter from OCRCL letting us know that they have resolved our complaint, and are adopting our recommendations!
It's the Chicago Way!

Undermining parental authority is central to the Alinsky program:
Hovering helicopter parents who restrict their kids' unstructured play may actually harm, rather than help, children according to the latest issue of the American Journal of Play, a scholarly journal which has gathered a distinguished group of experts to probe the near-extinction of free play and its effects on children and society.
As is the worship of Gaia:
Zoologists have discovered that a freshwater species of zooplankton will eat a fungal pathogen which is devastating amphibian populations around the world. It could provide a desperately needed tool for biological control of this deadly fungus.
And rewarding underachievers for failure:
A new administration in Peru is moving toward granting indigenous people long-sought legal rights, reports Survival International. Yesterday, the Peruvian congress approved new legislation that gives indigenous people free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) for any project on their land. If signed into law and enforced, the legislation would provide indigenous groups considerable clout in keeping industry off their lands if they choose.
"Community organizers" in Peru have created a new bird sanctuary:
San Marcos Private Conservation Area consists of 970 hectares (2,400 acres) of Polylepis forest, a high-elevation habitat that supports a wealth of bird species, including the Royal Cinclodes, White-browed Tit-Spinetail, and Ash-breasted Tit-Tyrant. Five new plant species and two new frog species have already been discovered within the borders of the San Marcos Private Conservation Area.
While these Alinsky-fanciers distract us with the gaudy spectacle of "Tit-Tyrants," we remain blind to the deadly plague of grand-abortion...just as Alinsky would've intended if he'd lived to hear about it:

Grand-abortions...are the babies who were never conceived in the first place because the humans who would have been their parents were killed before they were allowed to be born.

The human toll of great-grand-abortion is almost too terrible to contemplate.

While wallowing metaphorically in the figurative blood of theoretically slaughtered innocents, Alinsky noted that "any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people." Could it happen here? My sources say yes:

A celebration was held Thursday to mark the restoration of a river in the Tongass National Forest that was once renowned for producing salmon and trout but was damaged decades ago by the effects of clear-cut logging.

The Nature Conservancy and the U.S. Forest Service were partners in the multi-year project to repair damage done to the Harris River and its tributaries on Prince of Wales Island. Salmon are now swimming in pools engineered by restoration experts.

Thanks to some ruthless Alinskyesque jujitsu on the part of an overentitled underclass, a stretch of the LA River is now open to kayakers, Marxists, illegal immigrants and other terrorists:
For the first time in decades the Los Angeles River, once polluted and ridiculed, is open to kayakers and canoeists this summer under a federally authorized two-month program.
If this weren't a horrifying real-life example of Alinskyite practice, it would be a terrifying metaphor for Alinskyite theory:
A train could someday make a journey from New York City to London if a plan to build a 65-mile tunnel between North America and Asia comes to pass.
"Asia," of course, is a euphemism for Stalinist Russia, which Alinsky has often praised by means of condemnation, in a textbook example of Alinskyan Правда, or "opposite-speak."

In related news, Alinsky!
California pesticide regulators discriminated against Latino schoolchildren when they annually approved methyl bromide, a powerful pesticide used near their schools, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday.

Officials said the settlement is historic, because it's the first time the agency has issued a finding of adverse and disparate impact on a community in a civil rights case.

The National Science Foundation has closed its investigation into Pennsylvania State University climatologist Michael Mann after finding no evidence of scientific misconduct related to his research.

It is the latest in a string of investigations to exonerate scientists involved in the so-called "Climategate" email scandal.
An innovative concept of using solar panels as both sails and photovoltaic energy producers on ships is moving forward to the "detailed design" phase, according to developer Eco Marine Power. The Fukuoka, Japan-based company is promoting its concept as a way for shipping lines to green up their operations.
Judy Flanagan's phone rang Tuesday with a call the Arizona immigration attorney wasn't expecting. A federal prosecutor suggested one of her clients -- a 22-year-old university student with no criminal record -- should ask to have her deportation case dismissed.

"That's never happened before," Flanagan said.

Immigration lawyers around the country hope those types of calls from federal officials will become more common under new deportation guidelines the Obama administration detailed a week ago.

To the man of action, the first criterion in determining which means to employ is to assess what means are available: A river beneath the Amazon River. Belgian crypts. Vertical panoramas. USSR in construction. The Infrasound Zoo. Expositions where the modern technology of the times was exhibited. Camel trains galore. National parks from space. And Dramatic Museum Realia:

"The age of guessing is passed away." Stereo scenes from the Goyder Expedition. Pictures of music. Old astronomy texts. The Periodic Table Printmaking Project (h/t: Cheryl). Books and prints by Albrecht Dürer. And photographs from the Meiji and Taisho eras.

That's it for this week. Best wishes to readers on the East Coast. Stay safe!


Emily said...

Oh no, not the Ash-breasted Tit-Tyrant! Won't anyone think of the grand-aborted children!

In all seriousness, comrade, this is a lovely post.

Phila said...

Thanks, comrade!

grouchomarxist said...

This is right up there with Jonah Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism", an urgent clarion call to wake up America by backhanding it in the chops repeatedly with THE STARK, SEARING TRUTH!

Maybe now this country will rub the sleep-dirt from its eyes, rise up, flex its mighty, oiled and fabulously buff biceps and deal the deathblow to the Alinskyite menace!

But that's only half the job, for as we know, the Alinsky cult is only a front for the sinister machinations of this fiend incarnate.

some guy said...

Tit-Alinsky is now an officially recognized ideological strain by DHS.

good on them, those birds are organized and clearly a threat to our way of life

grouchomarxist said...

BTW, the link for vertical panoramas points at the Belgian crypts. (Probably more Alinsky cult sabotage!)

Phila said...

the link for vertical panoramas points at the Belgian crypts.

Fixed. Sorry!

ellroon said...

I am aghast I was so unaware that the Alinsky forces are amassing at such speed. Thank you for sounding the clarion call to galvanize the stalwart to battle!!11