Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Music Blogging


Tacitus Voltaire said...

hiya phila

hope you are feeling better

i thought you might like this site with its wonderful old photos from found film:

Anonymous said...

nifty weird music. I hope you're feeling OK too.
I love the poetry inherent in the accumulated common names of things...

Li'l Innocent

Wit'sEnd said...

okay I get it. Many birds are invisible, they are going extinct.

Were is the goddam sunday music? It is Sunday.

No music!

I do not know what is wrong with alluded to in comments...I hope you are okay.

Phila said...

Thanks, all.

I'm OK. I'm just insanely busy right now. It's the nature of my line of work...when I'm busy, I'm really busy. And since my work involves writing, it's hard to use my leisure time for more of the same (especially when I feel like I have nothing worthwhile to say).

Still, I hope to get back into blogging before we're much older. FHB, if nothing else.

chris said...

Busy is good I guess. I'll try to be patient.
Maybe just a little comment on this outrage?

Anonymous said...

Driving by to wish you well, Phila.


Kate said...

Where, oh, where are you?