Thursday, February 04, 2010

Speaking Out discusses a lawsuit filed by the Thomas More Law Center against USAG Eric Holder, which claims that the Matthew Shephard Act oppresses bigots by criminalizing expressions of bigotry.

According to the TMLC attorney, this law criminalizes those who speak out against homosexuality based on biblical principles and violates the plaintiffs' rights to freedom of speech, expressive association, and exercise of free religion as protected by the First Amendment....

"It is equating those pastors and religious persons who teach what the Bible teaches on homosexuality with somebody who might express racist comments," [Robert] Muise contends. "I think what this is about is chilling and inhibiting freedom of speech, the free exercise of religion, and the right of expressive association in particular for Christians."
See, racist comments are qualitatively different from homophobic ones, inasmuch as sexual orientation is a "choice" according to fundamentalist dogma, while not being white is simply an unhappy accident.

And of course, even if homosexuality isn't a choice, you can still choose not to act on its promptings, just as Jews can overcome their inborn desire to wear yarmulkes, run pawnshops, and follow the Protocols.

Remember: It takes two to tango. If it weren't for perverts and subhumans, bigotry wouldn't exist! Why should society protect these...these...people from the logical consequences of their bad personal decisions?

Anyway...putting aside the fact that hate speech per se is not criminalized by the MSA, and the logical problems with claiming that there's a constitutional right to deny other people constitutional rights on religious grounds, and my personal suspicion that Robert Muise is as bent as a safety pin, what's really ludicrous about this article is the poll that appears at its end.

As you can see, they've left out an option for "all of the above."

It's a private site, of course, and they can do what they like. But personally, I don't want to be lectured about freedom of expression by people who can't even grant readers the option for dissent on something as meaningless as a fucking online poll.

(Photo of founder Dale Robertson via Morons With Signs.)

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