Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Nudibranch Blogging

The purple of Ceratosoma willani glimmers,
into following coloures of jewels,
Sharp Blue Diamond that turquious the uncertain shapes,
Rocky timber of Bleeding cut ray marble Hues
Of crystal spring sunlight stairs, the Dirty Blinding cut glass,
[ ]tuby orange Faded tissue moist uneven Stones,
[ ]eep sky frail cloudless light turkey cerealean - through paper glass,
[ ]ell rainbows - Brilliant - Blinding Pink, of Disk thin size,
[ ]oem in creamy white pearls, in a platinum strings,
A mass of chips that demand palatte complete
Brown rough gold nuggest - For framing safety

(Photo by Raymond™.)


four legs good said...

Ah, delightful!

he looks delicious as well

xan said...

okay now that is NOT a living creature. That's one of the "craft" projects my Aunt Maxine used to make, based on some styrofoam form with beads and tinsel and assorted other thingies attached with pins.

How it got to the bottom of whatever waterway that is I don't know, but then we never did figure out what Uncle Clyde did with all that shit after she died of hair-dye poisoning.

Phila said...

he looks delicious as well

I wish you'd stop threatening to eat my nudibranchs!