Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My Appointed Rounds

Photos from The Claude C. Matlack Collection.

Snapshots by Jean Thomas, The Traipsin' Woman.

Photos of Africville by Bob Brooks.

Near the Cross: Photographs from the Mississippi Delta.

Botanical and cartographical drawings by Alida Withoos.

A "social history of collecting," entitled Collect: Obsessive, Passionate, Visionary.

Ice, Fire, and Northern Myths.

An exhibition of works by Salvatore C. DiMarco and Gilbert J. Tucker of the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.

Nova Scotia Bird Watercolors by S. Edgar Marsh.

(The illustration at top is from The Panorama Effect.)


Anonymous said...

but no hope?

Phila said...

Plenty of hope, but no time!

Anonymous said...

I dug up some hope for you to post.

Virgin Airlines to (test)fly on biofuel:

New super efficient bike light:

Iraq ratifies Kyoto:

Maybe more later, but there's a start.

peacay said...

With respect to Alida Withoos, all of the plates of the Atlas Moninckx (based on the specimens at the famous Amsterdam Medicus Hortus) to which Withoos contributed, are more easily accessible here (thumbs)

Phila said...

Thanks, Mike! I'll use 'em this week, if I possibly can.

Thanks to you too, Peacay...that site's a big improvement over mine.