Thursday, November 15, 2007

Now We Are Three

I just noticed that Buffoonia's third birthday has came and went. Traditionally, I celebrate by indulging in a bit of arch self-mockery about my method and madness, and offering a slightly less fanciful shout-out to my worthy constituents.

Not this time, though. Anyone who's stuck with me over the last year deserves something a bit less theatrical.

This has been a stressful year, personally and professionally and politically. It's been hard to think, and to write, and almost impossible to do both at the same time.

Part of the problem is my own personality, which, as I've pretended to overstate before, is hopelessly melancholic. Beyond that, though, it's become clear to me that what's happened in the last few years - during and after Hurricane Katrina, especially - has pretty much broken my heart. I've consciously indulged my tendency towards abstraction since then, partially out of escapism and cowardice, but also because I felt like I had an obligation to rethink...well, everything.

The positive side of all this is that I've had any number of longstanding preconceptions challenged by any number of absolutely brilliant people, whose exemplary goodheartedness assures me that whatever I become will be far better than what I was.

RMJ, for instance, has gently forced me many times to reconsider pet theories, and to forego premature allegiances (the proof is more in the absurdities I didn't write than in the ones I did).

I could say much the same of Thers and Rorschach and Echidne, but that's less important to me than my conviction that they're family.

There are plenty of people in my blogroll who are equally thought-provoking and inspiring; listing them here would be a waste of time given that I've listed them there. And I'm also very grateful to my commenters, who've reassured me many times that I'm not mad...or that if I am, I'm in exceptionally good company.

Drop in and say hello, if you feel like it.

Thanks, and may we all meet at last in better times.


watertiger said...


Wayne said...

Happy Birthday indeed.

The reference to being heartbroken and driven to abstraction eerily describes my own reactions to the last year or two. I thought the Reagan Administration was bad enough. I just had no idea.

But do keep on into the fourth year of Bouphonia - if only to keep me asking why the *fuck* can't I write like that?

Sarah Deere said...

Happy Bday, Phila - well deserved kudos to you. I fully understand the heartbreak - yet you have been one who has kept my spirits up. Please know that - and, thank you for all you do, for who you are.

Sarah Deere

rochenko said...

Many happy returns - I only wish I'd discovered your site sooner.

Keep reaching for that rainbow...!

jokerine said...

here's a toast to you, Phila, and your blog that keeps me thinking and questioning.

olvlzl said...

Thank you, Phila, for writing and compiling one of the best and most consistently classy blogs anywhere.

roger said...

happy unbirthday phila. as some song sez "these are desperate times." i think you've managed to think and write a bit more than you give yourself credit for.

Anonymous said...

Our blogs are just about the same age, Phila.

We didn't celebrate, no explicit reasons decided on, but I think it's generally the temper of the times. Very hard to celebrate under current conditions.

But that said, we should be celebrating the good things in the blogosphere, like Bouphonia and your nudibranchs. Plus the good writing and wit.

So here's to many more blogiversaries and good writing and reading!


charley said...

happy, happy...

and to think, i remember when you didn't even have a blog.

keep it up...

The Kenosha Kid said...

You're not crazy; all you wanted was a Pepsi.

chris said...

Happy Birthday, Phila.
Thank you for everything you do.

ellroon said...

Thanks for the work you've done, Phila. A class act all the way.

rorschach said...

Congratulations from a lame-ass motherfucker who isn't fit to dust the jackets of your books' dustjackets!

four legs good said...

Oh, noes! I missed UR birthday!!

Happy birfday dood.

Iz Maddie's birfday this month too.

spocko said...

Happy Birthday. Thanks for the hope.

Phila said...

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Much appreciated!

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