Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Hope Blogging

I'm very very very busy today, and have no time to compile FHB.

That's where you come in. Please feel free to feel obliged to feel required to post links to positive stories!

Here are some links to get the ball rolling:

Carbon Tax Enacted by Montgomery County, Maryland

Nestle caves to activist pressure on palm oil

Big compromise reached on Canada's Boreal Forest by environmental groups and forestry industry

Amtrak Line Meets Ridership Goals for First Year in 6 Months

Two Thousand Hispanic business leaders urge support for clean energy and climate bill

More new species found in Indonesia's "Lost World"

Frozen waves

California as the world

Man reunited with gorilla

A hidden frog
Also, this:

(Photo by Andrew Moore, from his fine book Detroit Disassembled.)


Karin said...

Well, this is good news.
President Obama ordered the government on Friday to develop tougher fuel-efficiency standards for cars and trucks, advancing the fight against climate change without waiting for Congress.
Mr. Obama announced the creation of a national policy that will result in less greenhouse gas pollution from medium- and heavy-duty trucks for the first time, and will further reduce exhaust from cars and light-duty trucks beyond the requirements he had already put in place.

chris said...

New Westminster, BC (a large part of Greater Vancouver) has enacted a living wage law.

Good news I think. Be interesting to see how it plays out and fun to hear the lamentations of the rightwingers.

pheromones said...

Cool video. It's amazing how they made the picture quality look so old and ancient. Thanks for a great post!