Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Hope Blogging

It's been another busy week for me, so I've had no time to compile stories for FHB.

But as always, you're more than welcome to post positive stories and interesting links in comments. What could be easier?

(Photo: "Collard Dove in Corkscrew Willow" by Kirsten Zwijnenburg.)


Cheryl Rofer said...

We need to get ourselves some hope by calling our Representatives and telling them to pass the Senate bill on health care reform and fix it later. Balloon Juice tells you how.

Cheryl Rofer said...

Beautiful photo, btw.

Contra Yogini said...

I found your blog, Phila, and that gives me hope! [By the by, your ideas, originality, and writing style are absolutely tops.]

Also, today is Blog for Choice 2010, a hopeful effort--

charley said...

second the contra dude.

life sucks, then you die.

that's as hopeful as i get.

which depending on your perspective, is pretty damned hopeful.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any links yet, but the ongoing existence of Bouphonia gives me hope.

As ever, thank fuck for Phila.


Phila said...

Thanks, all!

Leslie Guinan said...

I count on you for my Friday dose of hopeful, but here's the most hopeful thing I found on the intertubes today. It's a site that lets you help fund the projects of independent artists, writers and film makers. Brilliant.

Karin said...

No news I can think of, but here's a lovely slide show of butterflies.

rootless-e said...

collard doves with okra.

grouchomarxist said...

Ice on the St. Lawrence River

Four-Winged Dinosaur

Manufacturing via Electron Beam

Vintage Postcards of Airplanes etc, at Le Bourget-Dugny Airport (circa 1939)