Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Revolutions are Always Verbose

The new issue of The Journal of Bloglandia is now available, and I'm pleased to say that it contains an ill-tempered piece by yours truly, as well as terrific essays by Chris Floyd, Lyn Jensen, and others.

I'm honored to be the runt in this litter, and I strongly endorse the J Bloglandia concept. You may think you've read these pieces before, but you'll find that reading them in analog is a different and much more rewarding experience. They have remarkable range and depth, with warmer midrange, punchier dynamics, more headroom, and none of the harsh digital highs, graininess, and mushy bass you tend to get online.

That being the case, I urge you to buy at least four copies: one for reading at home, one for reading at work, one for leaving in your dentist's office, and (of course) an archival copy to prove to your grandchildren that you were there when the blogosphere merged into a single whole the elemental destructive force of the masses and the conscious destructive force of the organization of revolutionaries.

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