Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Nudibranch Blogging

The fruits are ripe, dipped in fire,
Cooked and sampled on earth. And there's a law,
That things crawl off in the manner of Ceratosoma miamiranum,
Prophetically, dreaming on the hills of heaven.
And there is much that needs to be retained,
Like a load of wood on the shoulders.
But the pathways are dangerous.
The captured elements and ancient laws of earth
Run astray like horses. There is a constant yearning
For all that is unconfined. But much needs
To be retained. And loyalty is required.
Yet we mustn't look forwards or backwards.
We should let ourselves be cradled
As if on a boat rocking on a lake.

(Photo by Nemo's great uncle.)


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BEst. Nudibranch. EVAH!!!!

(yeah, I say that every week but this time I mean it.)