Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Hope Hitler Blogging

A totalitarian project that floods farms in order to provide wetlands for shorebirds recalls the worst excesses of Nazi Germany:

After three years, early results suggest that the project is working: Fifteen shorebird species have returned to the restored wetlands.

So far, three participating farmers have been happy with the experiment, including Hedlin, who said that he has not suffered financially.
Environmentalists have taken a page out of the Nazi playbook in order to protect the Gunnison sage grouse.
A western Colorado county and a coalition of national and regional environmental organizations have agreed to settle a lawsuit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service challenging an April 2006 decision not to list the highly imperiled Gunnison sage grouse under the Endangered Species Act. The agreement, which was filed yesterday U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., requires the agency to prepare a new listing decision by June 30, 2010. The agency determined in March that its April 18, 2006 denial of Endangered Species Act protection to Gunnison sage grouse was tainted by interference by former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Interior Julie MacDonald and other Bush administration officials.
Can euthanizing the elderly be far behind?

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. If you doubt this, consider the lack of outcry attending this dictatorial scheme to "manage" Arctic fisheries for the benefit of the Global Elite:
Yesterday, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke approved a plan to prohibit the expansion of commercial fishing in federal Arctic waters until researchers gather sufficient information on fish and the Arctic marine environment to try to prevent adverse impacts of commercial harvesting activity on the ecosystem.
"Green" stormtroopers who are fully committed to the Culture of Death will (probably) use white slave labor to turn the nation's big-box retailers into arugula farms:
The asphalt parking lot would become an outdoor farm by layering soil and compost inside of containers placed directly on the lot, while solar trees spread throughout the fields generate power and pump it back into the grid. The roof of the big box store would partially be replaced with glass to create a greenhouse. After picking your produce, you could take it directly to an in-house chef who would prepare you a meal, or take it home with you. Imagine the gains the local food movement would face if Wal-Mart took a look at this idea and retrofitted their stores!
Just as the Nazis "recycled" the gold fillings and hair of their victims, fanatical Obamabots hope to use recycled city wastewater at a potential death camp in the Mojave desert:
Four thousand acres of private land in the Mojave desert are slated to become the site of an ambitious new concentrating solar power (CSP) plant: Hualapai Valley Solar (HVS). Named one of the Top 100 US Strategic Infrastructure Projects by CG/LA Infrastructure LLC, HVS is expected to produce 340MW of electricity, provide hundreds of new jobs and attract new business to the local area. There's only one problem — water....

In a bold move to keep the project alive, the nearby city of Kingman, Ariz. has agreed to explore the possibility of providing treated city wastewater to help power and cool the project's steam turbines. Kingman will explore the feasibility of delivering "treated effluent" from its Hilltop Wastewater Treatment Plant to the HVS site. Preliminary estimates show that the city could provide more than half of the water that HVS will require.
The US came a step closer to FASCISM this week, as a group of "veterans" announced their support for the Democrat Party's Nazi-like depopulation scheme:
With the oil industry pushing its "Energy Citizen" rallies into the national spotlight, a group of veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have come together to fight the pro-oil thrust. They've formed a coalition called Operation Free. Their message? That it's time for Americans to free themselves from dependence on fossil fuels--especially foreign oil. And it's time to pass a climate bill....

Part of the group's power comes from its members' ability to draw first hand accounts of how dependence on foreign oil presents a national security risk. These men have been to Iraq and Afghanistan, after all--they've lived the risks of securing foreign oil supply for American use.
For those who still believe in the foundational values of this country, time is running out. As this frightening report demonstrates, we are exactly almost exactly where Germany was in 1934:
The latest Electric Power Monthly Report released by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) shows net U.S. electrical generation from renewable sources (biomass, geothermal, solar, hydro, and wind) reached an all-time high in May of 2009, comprising 13% of the total electrical generation for the month.
The forces of Islamofascism, emboldened by the presence of an African-born Muslim firebrand in the White House, are attempting to seize control of our educational system:
The Human Development Fund-Pakistan Association of Greater Seattle Girls High School has an almost comically long name, barely able to fit on the newly painted sign that stands below the school on the side of a switchback mountain road.

But the founders felt it was important to give credit to this unique international collaboration, one that began with a devastating natural disaster four years ago and resulted in connecting Seattle to the troubled world of girls' education in Pakistan. Money raised in the Seattle area by Pakistani-Americans built and supports this unique school perched high in the mountains of Kashmir.
In a ruling that Hitler would've applauded, an Oklahoma judge has made abortion mandatory:
An Oklahoma judge on Tuesday overturned a state law that required women seeking an abortion to receive an ultrasound and a doctor's description of the fetus....

Her ruling also overturned provisions in the law that allowed doctors and other healthcare providers to refuse to take part in an abortion for moral or religious reasons, required certain signs to be placed in clinics where abortions are performed, and prohibited wrongful-life lawsuits arguing that a disabled child would have been better off aborted.
The prison guard is the Jew of Liberal Fascism:
A spirited group of protesters gathered outside New York Gov. David Paterson's office in midtown Manhattan today elicited the governor's promise to sign legislation that would prohibit the shackling of incarcerated pregnant women during labor and after delivery.
Could "climate-benefit districts" be newspeak for "concentration camps"?
Portland isn’t the only city scaling up its green-building practices. Seattle is hatching a plan for “climate benefit districts,” which would integrate energy and public transportation solutions to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in a given neighborhood. In China, an “Eco Block” prototype is planned for the city of Qingdao. The design includes multiple residential towers and townhouses and calls for reusing all of the community’s water, recycling 80 percent of its waste and reducing energy demand by 40 percent.
Did I mention that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it? 'Cause they are. Take Houston, for instance, which is trying to increase "walkability" around rail lines.
City officials in Houston have unanimously approved zoning and policy changes that will encourage walkable development around the city's expanding light rail network.

Among other changes, sidewalks in transit areas will now have a minimum width of 6 feet, 2 feet wider than current standards.
You have nothing to fear,'re simply going to be "transported" very efficiently to the nearest "climate-benefit district." For your own protection, of course!

Furthermore, a new device currently being used in Africa recycles plastic waste into plastic sheeting:
A team from IDDS (Amit Gandhi from the US, and Mark Driordan from the UK) decided to create a way to add value to waste plastic by using a low-cost process to transform it into something useful: plastic sheets. From these sheets can be made a number of other products. On display they had shoes, bags, pencil cases and folders.
What will happen, in our Brave New World, to people who don't want to spend all their time gathering plastic trash and pressing it into sheets? I think we all know the answer to that question.

As if all that weren't worrisome enough, this week has also seen a revival of Hiterlian aesthetics. Feral Houses revels in the Death of the West. Roadside Art of the Northern Plains is (possibly) a haunt of jaded sophisticates who sneer at the common people of this land, and mock their humble aspirations, just like the Nazis would've done if they'd worshipped Obama instead of Hitler. And Earth Morphologies is (probably) an expression of smug secular-humanist eco-fascism, or something worse.

Images from genetic research (an abiding interest of the Nazis). Bright Tales and Funny Pictures? Hardly. Distinctly un-American photos by Paolo Ventura. Collecting Fanta bottlecaps is just one of the simple pleasures we'll be denied if Liberal Fascism triumphs. Meanwhile, People with Masks promotes the sort of occultist enviro-paganism that inspired Hitler. As thus:

Behold: there are signs and wonders warning us of our descent into social democratic fascism. Will we heed them in time to save this church from being destroyed by the forces of fascist democratic socialism?

I believe there's still time to save our country, and that's why I ask that you watch this shocking TRUE video, and forward it to at least 20 other concerned patriots.


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