Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Nudibranch Blogging

Should the sun press
too heavy a crown,
should dawn cast
over-much loveliness,
should you tire as you laugh,
running from wave to wave-crest,
gathering the sea-flower to your breast,
you may dive down
to the uttermost sea depth,
where no great fish venture,
nor small fish glitter and dart,
only Hypselodoris bennetti and flower
of the wild sea-thyme
cover the silent walls
of an old sea-city at rest.

(Photo by Richard Ling.)


four legs good said...

My day is complete. Many thanks.

VforVirginia said...


Anonymous said...

I will bookmark this on my browser ,,keep up ur good work

Anonymous said...

I love you. I sent the Bouphonia url to the only other human being I know who has heard of nudibranchs...