Thursday, October 02, 2008

An Unforgivable Choice

Matt Barber, a member in good standing of what Peggy Noonan calls the Conservative Thinkosphere of the Net, has discovered an ugly example of left-wing hypocrisy: Liberals claim to believe in tolerance, but in reality, they're intolerant...of intolerance!

If you don't believe this, try calling publicly for the extermination of homosexuals and see how long it takes for some lefty to get angry at you.

The fact that writers for Town Hall and NewsMax discover this paradox anew every few days shouldn't distract us from Barber's more impressive achievement: He has revealed feminist women once and for all as people who tend to support abortion rights and oppose anti-feminist politicians. The jig is up, ladies, and your disdain for Sarah Palin was what gave you away:

Palin blew it, you see. She made an unforgivable “choice.” She publicly expressed, through both word and selfless deed, that she values all people during every stage of development*, from conception to natural death.
*Offer may not be valid in all states.

In the real world, of course, no one finds Palin's choice unforgivable; many people, including myself, find it admirable. What's unforgivable is the fact that she wants to be applauded for making that choice of her own free will, and for wishing to take free will entirely out of the equation for women who don't have her personal beliefs or her financial resources.

Beyond that, her decision to give birth to and raise her own child doesn't indicate that "she values all people during every stage of development," any more than the prohibition on abortion in Pakistan makes that nation a peaceable kingdom (please note that I'm referring here to violence besides the support of policies that routinely result in women being mutilated or killed).

Barber singles out "abortion-centric feminism" for particular abuse, as though any other kind were possible while the earth is encumbered with panty-sniffing control-addicts like him. He admires Palin because she's "easy on the eyes" — as all godly men must — but also because she "declined to slaughter her own unborn child, Trig, to goddess feminism." And he complains that feminists are claiming en masse that she's "not a real woman," which is a terrible thing to say about any woman unless she's a feminazi or a dyke.

It turns out that feminists object to Palin's choice because they view abortion as an important rite of passage (which is why you never see them calling for sex education, male birth control pills or increased access to contraception). In fact, the credo of these barren, castrating, shrewish, ugly, unnatural, selfish quasi-women is as follows:
“All women are endowed by mother earth with the inalienable right to eat their own young."
Putting aside the issue of Barber's soul-deep loathing for women — which is as hard to miss, and as appetizing, as a foot-high pile of dogshit on your dinner plate — I have to say I'm weary of being lectured on "selfishness" by people whose idea of virtue involves heaping abuse and misery on the poor and the powerless, in the name of a religion whose only truths are emotionally alien and politically inimical to them.

I'm also tired of being lectured on morality by people whose basic discomfort with human existence is so profound that only potential life has any chance of meeting their standards for purity. And I'm tired of being lectured on violence by people who are not only comfortable denying human rights to their fellow citizens, and forcing women to bear the children of rapists, but also have no problem blowing up pregnant women in foreign countries and demanding that I wave the flag over whatever's left of their bodies.

One day, I hope to vote in an election that will finally sweep these people from any semblance of power, and to live in a country where their ravings get no more respect than they themselves currently afford to the pleas of the hungry and the homeless and the sick and the abused. For now, I'll gladly settle for flinging Sarah Palin back into the outer darkness where she belongs.

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chris said...

You're pretty good for a malicious hack.
The last para had me out of my chair.
Amen, brother!

Anonymous said...

Palin says she would "counsel" a young woman who has been raped not to have an abortion, which avoids the question of whether or not Palin would take away her choice. It's always about misdirection and misinformation with that crowd. They can't bring themselves to say, "We will take away your right to choose.", on a national stage. But they sure say it in more intimate settings.