Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Nudibranch Blogging

We hunt the cause of ruin, add,
Subtract, and put ourselves in pawn;
For all our scratching on the pad,
We cannot trace the error down.
What we are seeking is Mexichromis multituberculata
One way, a chance to be secure:
The lack that keeps us what we are,
The penny that usurps the poor.

(Photo by doug.deep.)


four legs good said...



High Power Rocketry said...

Nudibranchs... are great. But just watch out for my Sea Squirt friday blogging!


Everyone please join me and find out what your Palin family name would be.

Swampcracker said...

Double slugs! I'll drink to that. Welcome back!

Swampcracker said...

BTW, would this interest you?
- - -
International Sea-Bean Symposium
October 17-18, 2008
Cocoa Beach Public Library, FL