Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tech-Savvy Smart Alecks

You might think that taking up arms against the Culture of Victimhood is all jam and Jerusalem. But in fact, it carries many daunting personal risks, including the grave and gathering threat of censorship-related program activities.

Candace de Russy lifts a rag soaked with rubber-cement thinner to her nostrils, takes a deep, shuddering breath, and explains:

CUNY Professor Mitchell Langbert and other bloggers critical of Senator Obama's presidential run (notably Pamela Geller of popular "Atlas Shrugs") are accusing the senator's supporters of intentionally identifying their blog addresses to Google as spam blogs, reports the New York Sun. They also claim the company reflexively froze the sites.

"These tech-savvy smart alecks have figured out that if you report a blog you don't like, you can do some damage to a person," Langbert said.

Bloggers of the world, unite. We have only our free speech and growing political clout to lose.
Right on, sister! These bloggers totally ought to be able to, like, speak Truth to Power without getting hassled by the Man.

The fact that countless communistic and sexually perverted and God-hating bloggers had the same problem -- and that Google recently identified its own blog as a spam site, and deleted it -- just goes to show how treacherous these "tech-savvy smart alecks" really are: They've created an artificial layer of misleading historical artifacts, much as God did with fossils, in order to make their cold-blooded attack on Pamela Geller and Mitchell Langbert seem like an ordinary technical glitch of the sort that gave rise to the colloquialism "bloggered."

It's impossible to overstate the seriousness of this problem. When these blogs went down, there was no substantive criticism of Barack Obama to be had anywhere on the Intertubes, for tens of hours! The Em Ess Em's hegemony was total and terrifying; had the situation not been resolved quickly, the world might never have known that Barack Obama is a neo-Marxist Muslim who wants to force us to check our tire pressure, instead of letting the market decide. Lord knows you'll never hear a word of it on the television!

In related news, some guy called 911 'cause Subway made his sandwich wrong.

(Illustration at top by Ron Turner.)

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