Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Nudibranch Blogging

violet, emerald, azure,
the black, pink, rose,
oyster white, the orange...
this is the orange measurement of the lines
as I design them.
The joys of Ceratosoma bicolor are fates that command us.

(Photo by Jun Imamoto.)


Anonymous said...

I am nearly distracted from the loveliness of this nudi with wondering why and how s/he is, sliding?, propelling him or herself over what appears to be a bed of gemstones.

very nice Hope this week too. I thought I tossed you one about possible organic compounds found by flying the Cassini spacecraft some absurdly small distance over the surface of Enceladus to scoop up matter being ejected by a south polar ice volcano, but evidently forgot. Was in NYT iirc, or I imagine a google of "Enceladus" would turn it up.

chrs. :)

four legs good said...


Missed my nudibranch fix on friday as I wuz distracted by the insanity that was EschaCon 08