Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Queer-Friendly Skies

WorldNetDaily has come up with a truly inspired piece of anti-gay agitprop.

Alaska Airlines' gay travel page offers hellbound sodomites like Ken Mehlman 10 percent off on holiday travel to Newark/New York City (where else?) until January 6, 2008.

Once you manage to wrench your mind away from the frightening thought of hot 'n' heavy, transcontinental, no-holes-barred gay sex, you may presently begin to perceive that the discount is really not all that different from this one, which offers 10 percent off to prostitutes, frotteurs, erotographomaniacs, Discalced Carmelite nuns, toe fuckers...and anyone else who feels like going to Reno, NV.

But here's how WND describes the offer:

Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air have announced a new program that will charge heterosexuals 10 percent extra for their air travel to specific locations during the Christmas season.
This is a fine day's work indeed. Your garden-variety hysteric would've presented the discount as a reward, or an incentive, for teh buttsecks. But WND brilliantly depicts the regular fare as a penalty for being heterosexual. So much for the people who say homosexuality is a victimless crime!

It gets worse, though. In an especially lurid instance of closet-case dream logic, this purity tax on straights will also lead to an epidemic of airborne transvestism:
"They are giving preferences to male passengers who want to wear dresses on the planes, and giving them preference over married couples," Fischer said....
Well, that's capitalism for you: All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned.

If you don't like it, you can always move to Saudi Arabia.

(Illustration via Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy.)


Dirk Gently said...

How do they know that you are gay when you redeem the coupon? I looked, and I don't see anything about it in the terms and conditions.

Anyway, this prompts me to add you to my blogroll - far past due.

Anonymous said...

The solution is obvious. If married people don't get the discount, let gay people marry and - pouf! - discount disappears.

They really need to think their hate propaganda thru a little better.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so they say that gay people aren't prohibited from getting married, they simply have to marry someone they have no interest in. Alaska isn't penalizing straight people, straight people simply have to go down on someone of the same sex. Aren't these exactly the same?

What's really funny is that Alaska has long been known as the airline that leaves religious tracts in the seat backs.