Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Nudibranch Blogging

What wonder you my Lords? why gaze you gentlemen?
And wherefore marvaile you Mez Dames, I praye you tell mee then?
Is it so rare a sight, or yet so straunge a toye,
Amongst so many nooble peeres, to see Cerasomata sinuata?


Anonymous said...

DWD here,

Fantastic as usual: Nice to see 'em. Checked my BOOKMARK earlier. :)

watertiger said...

mein gott, that's gorgeous.

¡El Gato Negro! said...

Thees Nudibranch, she appears to be festooned for a fiesta...

and weeth good reason, eh?


olvlzl said...

Gaudi on acid.

ntodd said...

This maketh mee feel drunketh.

Anonymous said...

jerry garcia lives!

four legs good said...

Okay, that's my favorite, EVAH.

(until next week)

Anonymous said...

Nice nudi, as always

I don't recognize that Elizabethan-looking literary reference. Whoever wrote it seems fond of alexandrins and hanging feet, so I figure it's not Shakespeare

My Google attempts keep leading to one hit: Bouphonia. Did Phila make it up?


Anonymous said...


It's from George Gascoigne's A Devise of a Maske.