Monday, April 09, 2007

Frozen Music

BLDGBLOG has posted a terrific, wide-ranging interview with the film editor, sound mixer, and director Walter Murch. (I also advise you to watch Murch’s magnificent Return to Oz, if you haven’t already. Or even if you have.)

The new issue of Polar Inertia features haunting photoessays on the Argentinian necropolis Chacarita - which looks like something out of Murch’s film - and the Gaza International Airport.

Kosmograd on "home-owner holdouts" in the UK and China.

Subtopia offers a tour of the detention center being built on Christmas Island.

David Axe on the varied uses of checkpoints.

Neutron bombs, electromagnetic pulse weapons, and middle-class Marxism; it’s all part of the MoD's grim vision of the future.

(Photo of the Sutyagin House in Arkhangelsk, Russia via Bricoleurbanism.)

UPDATE: Broken link fixed. (Thanks, Rip!)

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Check your Polar Inertia link, Phila - it's pointing back to your website.

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