Saturday, January 06, 2007


At Online Blogintegrity, ¡El Gato Negro! has posted what will probably be the last (for now) guest post from Spocko, who's just about to go live with a new - and, we hope, SLAPP-proof - blog. Read it, and reflect on the fact that although KSFO is owned by one of the largest corporations on earth, and broadcasts over an area comprising roughly seven million people, one brave person has managed to hold them accountable for their vile, dangerous, un-American rhetoric.

Solidarity with Spocko should be the default position across the political spectrum. Conservative and libertarian bloggers who fancy themselves media critics and citizen journalists are made vulnerable by legal attacks like ABC/Disney's, and ought to oppose them on principle.

For those on the Left, the situation is more elemental. Getting involved in this fight isn't a choice; you already are involved. The hosts on KSFO are talking about killing you, along with the politicians who are supposed to represent your interests and protect your rights. And they're not talking about it as some painful duty, either, though God knows that would be bad enough. They're talking about it as a pleasure, to be drawn out and savored.

It seems unthinkable that talk-show rhetoric could really inspire Americans to murder each other. Unfortunately, unthinkability is precisely what makes the unthinkable possible. These things can happen, and have. And they will again, unless our society somehow becomes sane enough to realize that it's far more obscene to call for someone's death than to use words like "fuck," and starts recognizing people like Melanie Morgan as uncivilized, unpatriotic thugs.

Anyway, Mike Stark has written a terrific post that includes a list of KSFO's sponsors, and explains how to contact them effectively.

Spocko's audio clips are still posted at OBI, and Ripley continues to work on more media. In the meantime, mirror sites for the audio are springing up everywhere. If you'd like to host the clips on your site, Mike's post addresses some of the legal issues.

Also, if you'd like to send the video at the top to a friend, click the "share" button at the lower right.

Monday should be a very interesting day for all concerned...

UPDATE: Disney responds!

UPDATE II: Spocko is back!

UPDATE III: Jesus' General writes a letter to Disney president Robert A. Iger.


¡El Gato Negro! said...


¿have joo heard that

¡Spocko's Brain, she lives!?


¡Viva Spocko's Brain!


Interrobang said...


Check your Yahoo mail...and my blog. :)

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