Monday, October 16, 2006

Photochroms and Ambrotypes

The American Photochrom Archive offers more than 1,300 century-old views of America, Canada, Mexico and Cuba. Absolutely breathtaking.

Stephen Berkman has created a disturbing series of ambrotypes. Granted, morbid Victorian chic has been done to death, but I'm a sucker for it when it's done well.

Thomas Weinberger superimposes nighttime photos and daytime photos, for an eerie, rather clinical effect.

Last, a somber gallery of pictures of Gunkanjima, formerly the world's most densely populated island, now deserted (more info here and here).

(First and second links via Coudal; third link via things.)

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Anonymous said...

Thomas Weinberger

very nice.

they were all nice.