Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Strength and Resolve

On the subject of torture, I can't say much more than I said almost two years ago:

The Right is eager to promote conversations like these, because it understands that every time a person can be led to compromise basic moral principles - every time a person defends the indefensible, or justifies the unjustifiable - that person becomes weaker and more malleable. It's a funny thing, but once I've gotten you to discuss the possible merits of doing something evil, I'm more than halfway to convincing you that it's worth doing....

If a man offers to buy your six-year-old daughter for the international sex trade, you're not going to haggle over the price; you're going to see to it that this predatory monster is stopped dead in his tracks. That's precisely the emotional response that's appropriate when right-wing ghouls take to the airwaves to defend torture and terrorism and racism; the situation calls not for debate - not even heated debate - but for deep-seated spiritual revulsion, and immediate and effective preventative action.

If we refuse to rise to that occasion as a nation - if we can't say "enough is enough," and cast these intolerably arrogant moral lepers back into the outer darkness where they belong - it seems to me that we're just as despicable and dangerous as they are.
I'd add that for the United States to repudiate torture, and to punish the transient officeholders who authorized it, would be a much more impressive show of strength and resolve, and a much greater blow against terrorist ideology, than BushCo has ever managed.

(Cartoon via WhirledView.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Phila. I think more of us should be saying that this is not discussable: just say "No" to torture.


Phila said...

our congress is debating the notion of approving torture. none of us can say "but i didn't know how bad my government is."

Exactly. They've implicated each of us in this, and with this knowledge comes certain responsibilities.