Thursday, August 03, 2006

Gin and Jews

Objecting to Joe "Droopy Dog" Lieberman's bad politics, dishonesty, and poor judgment? Anti-Semitism!

Objecting to the perfidious machinations of the Eternal Jew? A perfectly normal side effect of drinking alcohol!

In his August 2 column on National Review Online, John Derbyshire excused Gibson's comments because "[t]he guy was drunk, for heaven's sake. We all say and do dumb things when we are drunk."
Too true, begob. It only takes a couple of beers to get me reciting choice portions of the Protocols. Give me a few Singapore Slings, and I'm a one-man Kristallnacht.

I'm not alone in that, of course. We all hate the Jews when we're drunk. That's why I believe this new Surgeon General's warning should appear on all alcoholic beverages sold within the United States:

(Thers gave me this idea in an Eschaton thread, so please address all complaints to him.)


Thers said...


Cross post at BI. Oy, teh funny...

Anonymous said...


I have to pee now.

Anonymous said...

You are friggin' brilliant!


Engineer-Poet said...

That's almost as funny as Gates of Vienna's "Dhimmi Wash".