Monday, July 10, 2006


From Effect Measure comes word of a bold new offensive against the sophistries of evilutionism. Mike Martin, former editor of Ag Weekly, cogently explains the difference between "mutation" and "population shift":

If changes can be found in the population of a species they are proclaimed by those who believe in evolution as proof of the theory. The same logic is used in telling us that mosquitoes have "mutated" to become resistant to DDT. But the fact is, before the use of DDT, a small group in the total mosquito population was already resistant. When the insecticide was applied, the resistant insects survived while the unresistant died. The resistant then reproduced forming a strain (a group with common ancestry) of resistant mosquitoes. This an example of population shift, not of mutation in the Darwinian sense.
Got that? DDT resistance has nothing to do with mutation. It's all just a childishly simple matter of genetic variation.

My brain hurts.


Eli said...

Clearly, I am not intellectually advanced enough to discern this very obvious difference.

Anonymous said...

aha! we'll prove to you that evolution doesn't work by demonstrating that it does!